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News & Events

from 08 to 16 november 2008
Salon Marjolaine
Bio & Sustainable Development
At the Parc Floral in Paris, the fair exhibition Marjolaine is the event of bio and eco-consumer responding to the needs of those who decided to make another choice of life and society.

from 15 to 23 november 2008
Week of Solidarity
The world is changing, and you?
The 11th week of international solidarity invites you to participate to more than 5000 original animations and friendly throughout France.

18 november 2008
"Children from here, children from elsewhere"
Game-animation created and hosted by Hum Anim, intervention at the primary school of Beauville (47) within the week of international solidarity in the class of GS/PA for children 5 and 6 years.

The Dordogne valley...

  Lot valley Dordogne valley  
Dordogne valley

The course of the Dordogne offers a succession of faces well marked throughout the 340 km operated by skippers.

Once fiery and impetuous, the Dordogne is now tamed by a staircase of dams and lakes. Before the construction of such achievements, the water was torrential in winter, almost dry in summer. The main times of year when you could sail barges therefore corresponded to the floods of autumn and spring. In the words of the boatmen, the river was then «market» or «travel» since the water level allowed boats to descend its course. It was said that the Dordogne was navigable from Spontour and floatable from Bort-les-Organs.


Open from April to November in La Roque Gageac.

The guides will tell you the rocks that fell on the village, the skippers and the lives of boatmen, sedentary and migratory fish, the river floods, wars, crusades and seats castles as Castelnaud.